What We Do

As a society dedicated to the promotion of Italian Language and Culture in Western Australia the Dante Alighieri Society of Western Australia is active in a number of areas such as:

Promoting Interest and Understanding of Italian Culture

The Dante Alighieri Society has calendar of cultural events throughout the year which are open to members and friends of the society. These events, to which entry is free or for a very nominal cost cover a wide range of topics of interest from history and literature to travel and cooking.

Teaching and Promoting the Italian Language

As one of its core activities the Dante Alighieri Society conducts courses in Italian which are designed to take a student from a starting point of absolutely no knowledge of Italian to a level of proficiency in the language enabling a good standard of written and spoken communication, as well as an understanding of Italian history and culture. These courses are open to all members of the society.

Qualified Italian speaking teachers conduct classes in a relaxed and informal atmosphere in secure, quality surroundings. There are no formal examinations unless students have a desire to attain formal certification.

Providing Services to Members

Members of the Dante Alighieri Society receive a regular bulletin which is designed firstly to communicate society events and secondly as a resource of literary and cultural information for use especially by students to improve their language skills and their knowledge of Italian literature, history and culture.

There is also extensive library of books and audio visual material which may be borrowed from the society’s administration office when it is attended.

Community Relations

The Dante Alighieri Society has linkages with other associations serving the Italian and general community in Western Australia. It is uniquely positioned to play a significant role in developing multiculturalism in the community.