The Dante Alighieri Society of WA is proud to present

Cineforum Dante 2023

Event curators: Fernando Porta & Fabiana Figoni

After the success of the last year when we presented some great classics of “Commedia all’italiana”, the program for our second year is organized in two groups of movies:
1) Homage to Vittorio De Sica, actor and director (4 movies)
2) Genre movies/cult movies in Italian Cinema (6 movies)
Cineforum Dante wants to take the public on a journey to discover the titles, directors and actors of the past who have made Italian cinema great in the world, while creating an opportunity to meet and exchange opinions and comments after the viewing of each film. Every session will include a critical introduction and a final and open debate of the screened movie.
Small Italian catering and beverage will be provided during the
interval. Further info and details about the events will be published on Facebook, Instagram and on our website closer to the date.

This year’s screenings will take place on Sundays at 5pm

Calendar for 2023:
12th MARCH – “Matrimonio all’italiana” (1964) [De Sica director]                                                             Watch the trailer here 
2nd APRIL – “Django” (1966), Sergio Corbucci [WESTERN]                                                                          Watch the trailer here
7th MAY – “I due marescialli” (1961) [De Sica actor]
18th JUNE – “Danza macabra” (1964), Antonio Margheriti [HORROR/ GOTHIC]
23rd JULY– “Amore e chiacchiere” (1958) [De Sica actor]
13th AUGUST- “L’uccello dalle piume di cristallo” (1970), Dario Argento [THRILLER]
10th SEPTEMBER – “La decima vittima” (1965), Elio Petri [FICTION]
15th OCTOBER – “La donna della domenica” (1971), L.Comencini [DETECTIVE/NOIR]
5th NOVEMBER – “I girasoli” (1970) [De Sica regista]; this movie will commemorate the National Day of Italian Unity on the 4th November
3rd DECEMBER – “L’ armata Brancaleone” (1966), Mario Monicelli [HISTORICAL].
Ticket price:
$15 for DASWA members and students                                                                                      $20 for non-members
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