Italian for Travellers is a course specifically designed for holidaymakers who wish to learn quickly and effortlessly how to communicate in everyday and simple interactions during their travels in Italy.

Learning Italian is simple, fast and effective with this beginner’s short course for adults and adolescents, ideal for holidaymakers and those with limited time to dedicate to studying the language. Students will gain a practical level of conversational Italian in just a short time, thanks to the course’s clear structure and straightforward approach.

The topics cover a variety of useful situations including: introducing yourself, finding accommodation, discussing health problems at the pharmacy or at the doctor’s, shopping and dining out, asking for directions, and using basic services such as banking, sending mail and using public transport. In addition, dedicated cultural insights highlight aspects of Italian daily life, acting as a kind of “practical guide to Italy”.

Suggested duration: 2 semesters, 18 classes per semester, 1.5 hours per week.